“The value of prophecy
This pandemic can also be viewed as a
direct fulfillment of prophecy or, as someone
has wisely observed, ‘fulfilled prophecy is
the signature of God!’ This means that all
remaining prophecies will also be fulfilled,
sooner or later.
Jesus gave His Matthew 24 prophetic
discourse in response to questions His
disciples asked Him about the impending
destruction of the Second Temple, something
He had just told them about earlier that day.
They took the same opportunity to ask about
His promised return at the end of the age. He
answered their questions by listing the clear
‘Signs of the Times’ above, among them
He likened the onset of these prophetic signs
to ‘birth pangs’ because, as with a woman
in labor, they would increase in frequency
and intensity as the birth (culmination of
all things) drew near. This logically means
that there are very stormy seas ahead. But be

(Source: Rev. Dr. John Tweedie)

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