What a difference a pandemic makes. Our
way of life has been turned upside down
by this nasty COVID -19. In fact, the
world’s economic systems are reeling from
the shock of literally millions of people
suddenly becoming unemployed and being
forced to shelter indoors and out of the
reach of this deadly pestilence.
Still, no one can say we were not warned.
Jesus included “pestilences” in His
‘Signs of the Times’ prophetic discourse
(Matthew 24:1-8), along with false
messiahs, false prophets, wars and rumors
of war, famines, and earthquakes in many
different places.
Of course, all of these things have been
occurring to a greater or lesser degree
since Jesus first gave the warning, but
it has taken this global pandemic – and
its unprecedented consequences – to get
peoples’ attention and to compel many to
ask deeper questions in their search for
understanding e.g., How and where did
the virus begin? Who is responsible for
its rapid spread? When will our brilliant
scientists find a cure? How long will
the lockdown last? Where is God in this
What can be said is that the pandemic
has leveled the lockdown playing field.

Whatever our social status, we are all confined
to our homes. The difference across the social
spectrum is that some have been forced to live
in tents while others, at the other end of the
spectrum, are stuck in their gated mansions,
albeit with a slew of servants to wait upon their
every whim; however, we are all prisoners of
this pandemic event!
A world in shock
And to be sure, COVID – 19 has packed a
whopping punch. Busy shopping malls have
been shuttered, hundreds of planes parked beside
once busy runways, and cruise ships the world
over docked or forced to remain at sea with
skeleton crews.
All this as giant container ships and oil tankers
are crowded together off numerous port cities
with nowhere to go, their bloated bellies full of
cargo they can’t off-load because all storage
facilities are already full.
The whole world is in a logistical mess because
of a single virus strain called COVID – 19. When
asked for projections, the experts are quick to
suggest that lockdowns could easily become the
norm as the virus makes its seasonal return or,
worse still, is accompanied by COVID cousins.
But here is the good news!
As people who believe in the God of all creation,
we have a distinct advantage when it comes to
making sense of it all. For one thing, we know
that God is in absolute control of His universe.
Nothing escapes His attention, including
pandemics. He knows when they are on the
Also, our faith in God and trust in the Bible’s
prophetic truths, means we have not been
caught off guard. Jesus told us that pestilences
would appear in the Last Days as per His
warning above. What we couldn’t know until we
experienced one was just how fast and furious
their arrival could be, much less the damage and
terrible toll they could exact in terms of lives lost
and economic damage done.

The statistics are grim indeed. Large and
small businesses alike are being forced into
bankruptcy while millions have lost their jobs,
many permanently. And we all sense that the
way of life we have enjoyed until now will
never be the same again!
As believers in God’s goodness, however, we
also know that if a sovereign God has allowed
the world to be shaken by a global pandemic
then it is for His good and greater reasons.
This could be His way of reminding us that,
for all of our achievements, we are not in
ultimate control of all things. He is!

Information Source: CI 4 America. – by Rev. Dr, John Tweedie

Israel: The Prophetic Connection with Dr. John Tweedie.

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