Serving Sarah's Daughters Ministry

The story of Serving Sarah’s Daughters Ministry has everything to do with the Lord.

I was on my way to Bible study one day when I stopped to refuel my car at a gas station near my house. While putting gas in my car, I noticed a young woman walking on street next to the gas station. Something about her caught my attention. As I looked at her, I realized the she must have been under the influence of alcohol or drugs. She seemed to be walking aimlessly, uncoordinated, and appeared to be staring straight ahead without looking at anything. There was something else about her. She was wearing a very short blouse and mini skirt. I saw blood running down her legs as if she was having her period. Blood was running down her legs onto her feet. As she was walking, her flip-flops left an impression of blood on the sidewalk. I felt a very strong pain in my heart as I watched this young woman. I wanted to help her, but I did not know what to do. I could not contain my tears and cried for her. There I started praying and I told God how much this scene hurt my heart. It was as if God spoke to me and said, “help her.” I wondered what I could do to help her. I look out the window for her, but she was already was gone.

When I arrived at my Bible study, I told the group about this young woman and how much she hurt my heart. After Bible study, I came home and prayed again. I asked the Lord how I could help that young woman and where I could find her. Again, I felt as God was saying to me that it was not just her that I should help, but I should help all those young women who cross my path and need my help. All the women who are suffering and are bounded by the chains of prostitution, drug and alcohol addiction who do not know how to break free.

From that day forward, I have kept what God told me in my heart. I was always thinking about how I could develop something to help these women. After receiving my degree in Psychology, I began counseling women at a Christian rehabilitation facility in Pasadena, California, who were engaged in prostitution or suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. Little by little, I could see how helping these women was my purpose in life.

On one of my trips to Israel, at Tel Aviv’s central station, I saw many young women prostituting themselves. They also appeared to be suffering from drug or alcohol addiction. Again, my heart ached for them. I felt an overwhelming need to do something for these women. After returning to my hotel room, I prayed and asked the Lord how I could help these women. I heard the Lord say to me: “Serving Sarah’s Daughters.” This made me realize my true calling in life. Since that time, I have focused all my attention and dedication to helping those women to recover who are living on the streets, involved in prostitution and addicted to drugs or alcohol.